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"Mangroves To Mountains" – Revised Edition

This edition combines both Volumes 1 and 2 of "Mangroves To Mountains" which were originally published in 2002 and 2005. It is completely revised with updated plant names, many additional species, and rewritten and expanded plant descriptions incorporating more detail.

"Mangroves To Mountains" is a 540 page full colour field guide, ideal for identifying the native plants of south-east Queensland and northern NSW and is the most comprehensive for the region. But the area of coverage extends further north and south because many of the plant species covered are not just limited to south-east Queensland.

Approximately 2200 species of plants are covered, most with colour photos, and each having a description that includes plant size and form, leaf details, flower and fruit details, time of flowering, and some relevant information such as edibility, or whether it's rare or threatened. There are also illustrations to accompany some species.

To aid in its usefulness as a field guide, the book is divided into 7 habitat types: tidal wetlands, dunes and headlands, freshwater wetlands, eucalypt forests, rainforests, coastal heath, and montane areas. There is also a chapter detailing all known mistletoe species for the region.

Within each chapter, flower and fruit colours are grouped together, and then within these colour sections, the tallest trees are detailed first, then shrubs, herbs, ground covers and vines progressively.

The authors, Denis Cox, Jan Glazebrook, Glenn Leiper and Kerry Rathie, are native plant enthusiasts, with many years spent bushwalking and exploring the region. They are all members of the Logan River branch of the Society for Growing Australian Plants.

Glenn Leiper photographed most of the plants in the book over the past 25 years, but there are also many contributing photographers, including noted rainforest experts Hugh and Nan Nicholson, nature photographer Gunther Schmida, and botanist Lui Weber.


Front Cover

The authors: Denis Cox, Jan Glazebrook, Glenn Leiper and Kerry Rathie.
Authors left to right: Denis Cox, Kerry Rathie,
Jan Glazebrook, Glenn Leiper.


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